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Hydraulic System Installation of Cone Crusher

time:2015-04-21 11:45:11

Hydraulic System Installation of Cone Crusher

Hydraulic System Installation of Cone Crusher

♦Cone crusher is the one of the important machine in crushing industry, and we Jiaozuo Zhongxin Heavy Industry have mature techniques of research and manufacture, and we also have unique technique support to hydraulic system installation.

♦The hydraulic system of cone crusher installation include: leveling cylinder, control block with accumulator, hydraulics and pneumatics systems, buffer oil tank, and pressure switch loop.

♦Electrical monitoring equipment of cone crusher installation: electrical element include clearance between rolls measurement, maximum cut limit of rolls clearance, lock sleeve shift monitor switch, static and temperature switch of coupling, temperature monitor and lubrication monitor of main shaft, temperature measure instrument in feeding location (roller temperature switch). Electrical equipment shall be installed after the all the roller press had been installed already.
Hydraulic System Installation of Cone Crusher
♦Check six measurement places after all parts had been installed, ensure all spares parts of cone crusher in the prescribed places. If adopt concrete as the foundation, the following shall be done: prepared screw-bolt hole, preformed hole pouring, fasten the foundation bolts, and check the six measurement places, and reassure whether cone crusher within the prescribed height. All the check work shall be put on record. Keep the install tools, transport devices properly, just in case when machine under maintenance.

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