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Jaw crusher driver installation

time:2015-04-21 11:48:28

Driving device of jaw crusher is composed of motor, cardan shaft, clutch, planet-gear speed reducer. Epicyclic push-type gear is fastened in the shaft by lock sleeve, reactive force of driving torque acts on the torsion support. Planet-gear speed reducer has the features of multiple-stage reduction and compact structure. Cardan axis can transmit force on the fixed torque of the motor to the gear box by the clutch. Hinge joint forms can counteract installation deviation, and allow suitable displacement of movable roller supported by hydraulic. Safety clutch installed on the input shaft of the gear box play the function of overload protection.

1.Installation of planet-gear speed reducer and torsion support.
Planet-gear speed reducer is fixed and suspended, so it needs a support to bear the reactive force of output torque, two fixators connected with the torsion shaft will support it. Advantages of the special two-arms support is supports of the gear box and roller will not bear the external force from the radial vertical direction, which will release the torsion shaft.
►Clean the hollow sleeve and roller shaft of the gear box, without oil left and damage.
►Paint limestone emulsion on the contact surface and then clean it in order to make a clean sweep of oil and dirt.
►Do install the bearing seat supported by torsion according to the drawing, and lock it by the countersunk bolt; Torsion support is composed of support, torsion shaft, gear box fixator, bearing seat.

Jaw crusher driver installation
2.Installation of Main Motor
►Do install the motor in the right position according to the installation drawing.
►Install coupling on the main motor and dead lock it.
►Universal spindle coupling shall be installed between the motor and fluid coupling. Spline of cardan shaft shall not be separated, do keep it integrated. Length of hinge at two sides shall be equal. The required installation space is about 100mm.
►When the gear box and motor are installed at the right position, grout the anchoring hole.

Jaw crusher driver installation
3.Installation of shield
   Shield is composed of disc shield and cardan shaft shield. They can protect the Locking disk and cardan joint.
►Installation step of disc shield: install the distance ring. Install components on the movable shaft, the hydraulic pipe on the locking disk shall at the direction of 12 O’clock in order to dismantle it easily.
►Cardan shaft shield-.

Jaw crusher driver installation

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