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Cone crusher is widely used in the crushing of high hardness materials

time:2017-11-29 11:44:56

 Cone crusher becomes the best crushing equipment for ore high hard material. In the crushing of high hardness materials such as basalt, granite, diabase and limestone, we should use cone crusher to crush the material. The reason is that ordinary production process Broken materials lower hardness, and diabase materials such as high hardness, greater wear, cone crusher is hard, medium hardness above all kinds of ore, rock crushing equipment developed.


Cone crusher


Cone crusher design has a novel design principle, the use of new ideas crushing technology, to meet the different specifications of the material broken, to meet the "more crushing less grinding" new process requirements. The machine is not only broken than the large, fine and granular product size, and low power consumption unit, the humidity on the broken material is not much requirement, also applicable to crush any hard brittle material can be used for a variety of mineral broken. The machine through large-scale engineering proved the aircraft in the field of mineral processing and good prospects. And the cone crusher in the broken material throughput, high production capacity, and the unique design of the machine, so that the machine maintenance costs and maintenance costs greatly reduced, so that the production efficiency of the machine greatly improved, the production cost is also obvious The reduction.


Basalt, granite, diabase, limestone and other raw materials for gravel production line, jaw, hammer, counterattack and other wear-resistant parts of the wear and tear is very high, therefore, in the crushing process design, as much as possible the main Of the crushing task using laminated principle, in order to reduce the wear of wear parts, the typical configuration of laminated equipment is two E-broken or broken jaw crusher processing configuration, therefore, cone crusher in the crushing of high hardness materials also Wide range of applications.

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