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Analysis of Three Factors Affecting Circular Vibrating Screens

time:2017-12-12 11:02:22

Circular vibration sieve is because of its trajectory into a circle named, the use of vibrator vibration generated complex rotation type of work, the amplitude of the adjustable strength, material sieve line length, multi-screen, the file Clear specifications screening, screening efficiency, suitable for mining, coal, mineral processing and other industries screening operations.


Circular vibration sieve


First, the impact of the nature of the material
Circular vibrating screen material size of less than 3/4 of the mesh size particles easily stole the sieve, known as easy to sieve; larger than the mesh 3/4 of the particles, due to the difficulty of sieve through the sieve, known as difficult sieve granularity; material size Particles that are 1-1.5 times the size of the mesh are called block particles.

The maximum allowable size of the material particles and the size of the sieve between a certain proportion of the relationship is not clearly defined, and the material contained in the surface moisture to some extent increase, viscosity increases, the material surface moisture can make fine each other Bonded into a group, and attached to the large particles will block the sieve. These reasons make the screening process more difficult, and will greatly reduce the screening efficiency.

If the material contains easily sticking sticky substances, even in the case of little water, it will stick into the group, so fine mud mixed with sieve products, and quickly plug the sieve. In this case, should consider washing in advance. If the material particle shape is circular, it is easier to penetrate the square hole and the round hole. Electromagnetic shaker crushing products are mostly polygonal, strip, plate, sheet material difficult to penetrate the square hole and round hole, but easy to penetrate the rectangular hole.

Second, the impact of operational factors
In order to maintain a high screening efficiency, feeding should be uniform and continuous, vibrating screening machine feeding amount should be moderate.

Third, the impact of working parameters
1, the type of screen: sieve face usually have steel bars, steel wire, punching steel, rubber, polyurethane and so on. Their impact on screening efficiency is mainly related to their effective area: in addition, the wear resistance of various materials is also different.
2, mesh shape: square or rectangular mesh applications teach well.
3, mesh size: should contact crusher work and product requirements to choose.
4, the movement of the screen. Screening efficiency of various screens are as follows: high efficiency heavy screen greater than 90%; shaking screen greater than 70-80%; drum sieve 60%; Choose depending on the circumstances.
5, the width and length of the sieve: It is generally believed that the sieve width and length ratio of 1: 2.5-1: 3
6, the screen surface inclination: Vibrating screen angle is generally 0-20 °, the inclination of the fixed screen 40 ° -50 °.
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