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Analysis of sandstone jaw crusher should pay attention to the matter

time:2017-12-15 10:33:07

 For the gravel jaw crusher maintenance work is reflected in all aspects, which are indispensable, the specific operation is as follows:


jaw crusher

1, mechanical stability; sand and gravel jaw crusher operation of the abutment and the ground to be hardened, and also the measures of anchor bolts, so as to reduce the shaking generated during operation, the impact on the equipment .

2, the smoothness of the pulley; In the dressing of mechanical pulleys and motor pulley installation, the point of operation by professionals, we must make them in the same plane. If not in a plane, it will affect the efficiency of work, the long run will damage the machinery and equipment.

3, when filling grease; the role of grease is very large, not only can protect the sandstone jaw crusher bearings, but also can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce the incidence of accidents.

4, downtime inspection; customers in the actual production, downtime, very few maintenance work on the mining equipment inspection, which is a very bad phenomenon. After work to promptly clean up the residual material in the crushing chamber, check the status of the various parts to avoid accidents the next run.

For the operation of gravel jaw crusher, customers are best not to be free to change and adjust, so as not to have a significant impact on the life of the machine itself. The safe operation of the election machinery, and reasonable operation has a great relationship, we must pay more attention to the production.
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