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Hydraulic Cone Crusher Features and Technical Advantages

time:2017-12-28 10:16:45

 Hydraulic cone crusher has more advantages than the spring cone crusher:


Hydraulic cone crusher

1, broken than large, high production efficiency. The combination of higher speeds and strokes gives the HP Cone Crusher substantially improved power ratings and throughput, increasing crushing ratio and productivity.

2, wearing parts consume less, low operating costs. Reasonable structure, broken principle and advanced technical parameters, reliable operation, low operating costs; crusher all parts are wear-resistant protection, maintenance costs will be reduced to a minimum, the general service life can be increased by 30%.

3, laminated crushing, excellent grain shape. By adopting the special crushing chamber designed by the principle of intergranular lamination and the speed matched with it, the traditional single-particle crushing principle is replaced to realize the selective crushing of the material and the product fines proportion and the cube content are greatly increased, to a great extent Reduced needles on the material.

4, hydraulic protection and hydraulic Qingchao, a high degree of automation to reduce downtime. Hydraulic adjustment discharge port and overload protection so that crusher operation level has been greatly improved to make maintenance easier and more convenient operation, downtime is shorter; Zhongxin Heavy Industries production of cone crusher bi-directional iron release hydraulic cylinder allows the iron Through the crushing chamber, the machine in the case of the occurrence of iron and instantaneous stuffy cars, hydraulic top, automatic nesting, greatly reducing the original spring cone crusher to stop manual nesting troubles, and many other manufacturers of broken However, the machine will stop deadlocked because of overcladding.

5, Rare lubrication, reliable and advanced, improve service life. Unique thin oil lubrication system design, greatly improving the service life of equipment. High-performance non-contact labyrinth seals wear-free, improve the reliability of blocking dust, and fundamentally eliminate the original spring cone crusher oil and water mixing and other common failures.

6, a variety of crushing cavity, flexible application, strong adaptability. Cone crusher only need to replace the fixed cone liner, moving cone liner, crushing cavity from the standard super-coarse cavity to short-head superfine cavity arbitrary transform to meet the requirements of a wide range of product size.

7, easy maintenance, easy to operate. All components of the cone crusher can be disassembled and maintained from the top or the side. The moving cone and the cone can be disassembled and disassembled conveniently. The rack is not required to be dismantled and the bolts are tightened. Therefore, the HP cone crusher is more convenient to replace the liner every day. The use of hydraulic motors, crusher production efficiency of the best.

8, It provides higher production capacity, the best product granularity, and easy automatic control, with maximum reliability and flexibility, and truly create more value for users.
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