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Analysis of the Concession Discharge Quality of Cone Crusher

time:2018-01-03 09:39:08

 In the stone production line is responsible for the important responsibility for secondary crushing the main equipment. Therefore, the quality of conical broken directly affect the entire production line work, high-quality cone crusher broken products can be formed without secondary processing, but due to different crusher manufacturers produce different quality of equipment, it will lead to broken equipment Product quality is poor, requiring repeated operations This directly reduces the operating efficiency of the entire production line, so users must be carefully selected when buying crushing equipment. So what are the reasons for the poor quality of cone crusher products?


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First, broken material problems. Different types of crushing machinery can crush the material is not the same, if the operator does not do a good job in the inspection of raw materials may make lumps, high hardness materials into the crushing chamber, which will cause cone crushing Machine equipment crushing pressure, a lot of material can not be completely crushed to be discharged. Serious when it will lead to equipment card machine, delayed operation time.

Second, the discharge port is too large. Cone crusher discharge port is to determine the size of the main part of the discharge, if the discharge port is too large will make a lot of crushing cavity is not enough broken material discharged from the discharge port, resulting in discharge size less than the user requirements Affect the quality of the material

Third, the dynamic cone and cone problem. If the cone and cone of the crushing equipment are seriously worn during production, they can not play a full role in the operation, the materials are not sufficiently crushed, the quality of the discharged materials will be affected, and congestion problems may even result.

Fourth, crushing cavity structure problems. The cone crusher crushing chamber crusher operation is the main area. The structure of the crushing chamber directly affects the quality of the crushing material. When the cavity height and depth of the crushing chamber do not meet the requirements, the crushed material will not be crushed and discharged, so the quality of the crushed material will be low.

Fifth, the voltage is too low. Low voltage cone crusher will not be able to get enough power, can not drive the equipment for crushing operations, so it will make the quality of broken materials too poor.
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