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Analysis on the Noise Occurred in the Production of Impact Crusher

time:2018-01-08 10:03:08

Impact crusher is used to crush a kind of mechanical equipment, whether it is brittle material or larger hard materials can use the equipment for crushing. Sand crushed by the impact crusher material of uniform fineness, the yield is also an absolute guarantee. However, the impact crusher at work may also be issued when the noise is too large and some other issues, such a situation we must pay attention to it.

Impact crusher
1. The equipment may not be thoroughly checked when the impact crusher is turned on. Long-term use of crusher equipment may cause parts inside the equipment to loosen. In operation, due to the impact crusher sway, loose parts will walk in the equipment, resulting in noise conditions. Therefore, when we use the impact crusher must first check the internal crusher equipment, such as the phenomenon of loosening should be immediately tightened, so that you can effectively prevent the noise generated.

2. Impact crusher at work, due to the use of non-standard operator may have relatively hard impurities into the crusher equipment inside. Impurities entering the equipment can collide with the inside of the impact crusher and cause very loud noise. And this situation is very easy to crusher parts have a great deal of damage, is likely to cause damage to the crusher. Therefore, the operator must have a good spirits, in accordance with the norms to operate.
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