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Analysis of crushing chamber wear of Symons cone crusher

time:2018-01-19 10:12:27

Symons cone crushers into the crusher parallel zone began to run at the population where the largest number of broken materials, and dropped sharply thereafter. As a result, the parallel zone is subject to intensive wear and the crusher undergoes several days of operation, and the parallel zones are gradually changing.


Symons cone crushers


With the wear of the liner and the extent of the change of the profile of the crushing chamber, the materials which are broken along the height of the crushing chamber are distributed more evenly. In the limit wear range of the lining there is a change in the profile size of the crushing chamber, especially in the late parallel area no longer exists, the entire cavity completely lost its original contour. At this point to feed the size of a reduction of approximately 1.4-1.7 times, the feed port to handle the largest number of materials. Due to the absence of parallel areas make the product quality deterioration, crusher output also declined.

In summary, due to uneven lining wear, crushing cavity loses the shape of the original crushing cavity, resulting in low life Simmons cone crusher lining and crusher technical and economic indicators.

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