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Impact Factors of Impact Crusher Yield

time:2018-01-30 10:13:36

Impact crusher is a crusher, impact crusher is mainly used to crush the impact of the material, Zhongxin Heavy Industries and here to talk about what factors affect the impact of crusher production efficiency, I hope everyone can Attention.


Impact crusher

In the impact crusher no problem, the factors that can affect the production efficiency are: the effect of pretreatment, material hardness, material moisture, material viscosity, material composition, the ultimate granularity users need. These factors must be considered into the first to take the effect of pretreatment, the material is best to carry out a pre-treatment before crushing - screening, if the screening is meticulous, then it can certainly increase the production efficiency , But also the equipment has a very good protection; followed by the hardness of the material, if the material hardness is too high, broken time is certainly longer, and the hardness of the material also determines the speed of wear and tear of the equipment.
Then the humidity of the material, if the material contains moisture, it is easy to adhere to the crushing cavity wall of the impact crusher when crushing, which will affect the production. Next is the viscosity of the material, which should be combined with the humidity, The greater the humidity, the lower the production efficiency, the smaller the humidity, the higher the production efficiency; there is the composition of the material, if the composition contains too much fine powder, it will have an impact on the production; Finally, the user The ultimate size of the demand, the smaller the final granularity, the longer the broken.
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