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Vibration feeder iron core problems should be how to solve

time:2018-02-07 10:39:11

Vibrating feeder is to rely on vibration motor vibration to generate exciting force, so that the material for uniform transmission. In the vibration motor, there is a fixed iron core, its use also plays a very crucial role, in case of problems, it will affect the normal operation of the vibrating feeder. So if the vibrating feeder iron core problems should be how to solve it?

1. Disconnect the electromagnetic vibrating feeder exciter power supply, disconnect the power lead, open the cover of the housing hole, loosen the fixing bolt on the fixing base 2, and then take out the iron core and place it on the overhauling case.

2, Loosen the fixing bolts on the vibration exciter core of the electromagnetic vibrating feeder, remove the upper cover 1, and check for damage or loosening.

3, remove the wedge 8, and then turn the coil gently turn out from the core 4, clean the surface A, polished flat on the protruding point, to ensure that A surface without rust (B and A the same plane).

4, check the coil 4 insulation for damage, insulation pad 6 for damage.

5, to ensure that the above parts of the vibration exciter vibrating feeder intact, remove the ash layer of dirt on it, and then into the interlayer gasket 6, layer by layer coil 4, into the liner 5, the installation location is appropriate, Then in the liner, iron core gently into the wedge 8, to fix the coil.

6, the above installation is correct, then put the cover 1, and then bolts, pressing the cover.

7, under the cover 3 and a total of coil group maintenance according to the above steps, pay attention to check C and D surface remain in the same plane (otherwise, repair the file flat C, D surface).

8, Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder Vibrator core installed fixed, you can put it into the housing fixed, and at the same time to pad the base gasket, adjust and move the core (armature) between the gap.

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