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Jaw crusher how to achieve green production mode?

time:2018-02-11 10:04:31

With the pace of economic development getting faster and faster, various construction projects are increasing, and our country has become a world resource consuming country. In order to keep up with the consumption rate of the market, it is necessary to use the jaw crusher, but in the production process of a certain impact on the ecological environment. So how to do that in order to open the green production mode, so as to achieve a win-win situation of green?


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In most of the stone production lines, the picture that everybody may think of is dusty and dusty. The fact that most of the mining plant are the situation, facing the growing social demand for resources, the implementation of environmental protection policies, so that jaw crusher had to make changes. Now most of the mining machinery plant on the gravel equipment for the overall sealing, it is added dust removal facilities. As a result, although the jaw crusher can not eliminate the dust brought about, but greatly reduced the degree of environmental pollution.
Not only that, with the crushing technology research and development experience and manufacturing concepts gradually deepened, jaw crusher in the performance and environmental aspects have been comprehensively improved. The use of special polymer sealing structure, in the process of crushing stone, can more meet the market demand for environmental protection.
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