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Vibrating feeder operation guide

time:2018-03-06 09:44:34

 Vibrating feeder for the beginning of the ore production line for the delivery of materials to ensure that materials can be evenly into the crusher, thereby enhancing the production efficiency of the entire production line, introduced under the Jiaozuo Zhongxin vibration feeder operation.

Vibrating feeder
1. Preparations before starting: read the watch on duty and deal with the remaining problems of the previous class. Check and rule out the body and the chute, spring and stent materials such as the impact of body movement debris. Carefully check all fasteners are fully tightened. Check if the lubricant in the exciter is higher than the oil level. Check the transmission belt is good; if damaged should be replaced; oil, wipe it with a rag. Check the protective device is good, found to be unsafe phenomenon should be promptly excluded.
2. Start-up: After inspection, the machine and the transmission part of the situation is normal, can start. This machine is only allowed to start without starting the case of load, if there is an abnormal phenomenon should be immediately stopped until to identify and exclude abnormal circumstances before resuming.
3. Use: After the machine is stable and vibration, it can run with material. Feed should be consistent with the load test requirements. Downtime should be in accordance with the process, prohibit belt material downtime or downtime, stop feeding after feeding.
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