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Vibrating screen accessories shock absorber spring outline classification

time:2018-03-22 09:30:04

The damping spring is an essential part of the shaker. The vibration-damping spring on the vibrating screen is an important part connecting the screen body and the base, and acts as a buffer during the working process of the vibrating screen so that the material can maintain the forward motion on the screen without damaging the vibrating screen.


Vibrating screen

Vibrating screen accessories damping spring classification, damping spring is divided into four categories. Wire compression springs, rubber springs, composite springs, and rubber air springs.
1. Steel wire compression spring: Compressed by steel wire, most of them are round, generally at equal pitch, and there is a certain gap between the wire spring coil and the ring, which will shrink when pressed by external force.
2, rubber spring: rubber spring is made of natural rubber, is a high elastic body. Waterproof, high temperature resistance, low noise, electrical insulation, long service life, low cost, high elasticity.
3, composite spring: Composite spring is a combination of rubber springs and steel spiral springs as one of the characteristics of the material is the combination of the two elastomers. The advantages of both are integrated, and the disadvantages of both are also improved. With good stability, high load capacity, noise isolation and other characteristics. It is more suitable for large-scale vibration equipment in mining, coal, metallurgy and other industries.
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