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Jaw crusher how to choose the right motor

time:2018-03-30 09:42:36

Generally speaking, the Jaw Crushers we buy are larger models, the greater the required motor power, but this is not absolute, but also need to be selected according to the nature of the material, different processing materials, the same kind of Crushers may also choose different motors.


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What are the benefits of choosing a motor for different material properties? The first is to save resources, the most important thing is to make a good concession and cooperation for other equipment to increase the output and adjust the motor power under the condition that the transformer power is fixed. Here we introduce the choice of the motor power.
First, the characteristics of the material, for less rigid materials, such as limestone, shale and other stone, we can choose a slightly smaller motor, so you can also achieve the target output, but for the hardness of the stone, such as basalt, For river pebbles, etc., it is necessary to use the standard configuration of the motor, so as to meet the production requirements.
Second, with the corresponding supporting production lines, the average power required for the three-stage crushing equipment is less than the average power required for secondary crushing. Therefore, the jaw crusher, impact crusher or cone crusher equipped on the corresponding second and third crushing processes can be reasonably distributed according to the design requirements for the total power of the entire line. The required motor power.
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