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Crushing equipment should pay attention to maintenance during use

time:2018-04-04 09:48:44

To maintain a good condition, the crushing equipment needs three-point use and seven-point maintenance. Therefore, good maintenance is the precondition for keeping the equipment in good working condition.
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At present, the maintenance of the equipment is often not enough attention. The equipment often has faulty operation, unless it is stopped before it can not be repaired, has become a common phenomenon of the construction companies. Crushing equipment does not maintain on time, will cause frequent failures, minor faults do not Timely handling will cause major problems, which will not only affect the quality of the project, delay the construction period, but also increase the maintenance cost of the equipment in the later period.
The crushing equipment management generally pays more attention to the lubrication management, but in the daily maintenance often only pays attention to the lubricating oil is not lacking, but ignores the details of too much lubricating oil, sometimes the lubricating oil is too much less harmful than the less. Such as transmission gear Excessive oil refueling, after working for a period of time, the excess oil in the vented transmission can be drained as the oil temperature rises, and the transmission without the vent hole will directly increase the seal. Sometimes the lubricant is overfilled. Oil seal will be squeezed out, resulting in long-term seal is not good, impurities into the bearing and accelerate bearing damage.
After the failure of the crushing equipment, it is usually directly given to the maintenance company for simple maintenance, and the service will be put into operation shortly after the maintenance. If there is a serious failure, the management personnel will be checked to determine whether it is necessary to change parts. Such maintenance management is an extensive type. Management, lost the supervision of the maintenance process. In the process of crushing equipment maintenance, the operator should participate in the maintenance of the entire process, the management personnel should play the role of supervision and management, and finally by the maintenance company to write a record of the maintenance process, after the acceptance of the factory and then use, This facilitates the mastery of equipment maintenance.
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