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How to Control Dust Pollution of Stone Production Line

time:2018-04-18 10:15:32

Because the stone crusher is not completely closed, when working, the stone is squeezed and impacted, the air in the powdered stone gap is squeezed and moves outward at a high speed, driving the dust to escape together, and immediately lifting a large amount of dust. Dust-laden air flows out through the chute or out through the feed port, causing high concentrations of dust around the feed port.


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Being in this state for a long time will not only cause serious pollution to the environment, but also cause great harm to the human body. Then how to control the crusher's dust pollution, as a professional crushing equipment manufacturer, what measures should we take to improve it?
1. Closed control Seal the dust source with a sealed cover to minimize the spread of dust.
2. Eliminate the high potential energy difference hoppers, shields, chutes, etc. of the handling equipment due to the difference in the height potential energy produced by the powder fall, which is the main reason for dust spillage. The drop should be minimized and the inclination of the chute chute should be reduced. Some closed. It is best to create negative pressure in the room so that it is beneficial to dust collection.
3. Wet dust removal and exhaust dust removal According to the causes of dust generation, we can formulate measures to control dust sources separately: spray devices are installed at the feed port and the tape transfer point, and the amount of wetted stone is controlled to reduce the amount of water in the crushing plant. Dust pollution at the point of reloading; when the point of retransmission, especially the underground construction of the transportation, is poorly ventilated, centrifugal fans should be used to force ventilation to strengthen the wind speed and volume of the dust; when the dust is generated by the belt operation, the bag filter is used to control the exhaust pressure. Dust source.
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