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Sand making machine used in artificial sand production line

time:2018-04-23 10:07:48

The construction of the country and the city is inseparable from the stable supply of sand aggregates, which has brought tremendous potential for development in the medium and fine crushing and sand making industries. The sand making machine introduced by Zhongxin Heavy Industry, as the leading force in the development of the industry, has made great contributions to the construction of the country’s cities and towns and the construction of infrastructure.


sand making machine

The sand making machine equipment is irreplaceable in the industry, has the most advanced production technology, has an international leading level product, and its unique performance structure makes it occupy an important position in the field of energy saving and environmental protection. Sand Making Machine In the artificial sand and sand making equipment, the amazing production capacity is relatively obvious. The sand making machine has a high crushing ratio, a large production capacity, and is an efficient, energy-saving gravel sand making equipment. The sand making machine is mainly used for medium-grain crushing of various ores and large pieces of material, and can be processed into artificial gravel materials with a compressive strength of not more than 320 MPa.
The sand making machine not only increases the crushing efficiency and production capacity of the artificial sand, but also expands the application range of the fine crusher equipment, from limestone to basalt, to river pebbles, etc., in all kinds of intermediate crushing, fine crushing and even ultra-fine crushing operations. All show unmatched breaking performance. The production of high-efficiency sand-making machines has brought a new backbone to the industry market and has made outstanding contributions to improving the efficiency of the artificial sand production line.
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