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Quartz stone crusher production performance

time:2018-04-26 10:20:37

Quartzite is one of the most important raw materials used in the industrial field. Its physical and chemical properties are very stable. It is a common mineral in nature. The quartz stone crusher is mainly used for the crushing processing of quartz stone, and also can crush the other materials. So, what about quartz crusher?

quartz stone crusher

The quartz stone crusher has strong crushing ability and can crush the ore materials whose strength is not higher than 320 MPa. It occupies an important position in the production line and has a variety of production advantages:
1. Unique mechanism design, simple structure of the whole machine, relatively deep crushing cavity and dead zone, strong feeding ability, high crushing efficiency and high output.
2. The adjustment device of the wedge, compared to the old gasket type adjustment method, this adjustment is more flexible, the adjustment range of the material is wider, the operation is also faster and safer, and it can meet the different production requirements of different users.
3. The addition of a flywheel design can effectively reduce the impact of airframe vibration in production, eliminate potential safety hazards, and increase the safety factor of production.
4. The design of steamed bread ensures the tightness of the airframe, which can reduce dust generation and noise during the production process. It is green and pollution-free.
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