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Different stones choose different sand production line

time:2018-05-02 10:47:09

 1, according to the size of the venue to match

When configuring the sand production line, we must consider whether the footprint of the equipment is consistent with the size of the actual site. If it exceeds too much, it will cause waste of the site; but if it is not enough, the production line will not be installed properly. Use, in addition, also need to consider the spacing between equipment on the production line, placed too dense, it is not conducive to the maintenance of the equipment later; but if the placing space is too large, this will increase the workload of the conveyor, the conveyor belt The loss is greater, which increases the cost of production.
sand production line,
2, according to the characteristics of the material to a reasonable match
Because the physical properties of different sand and gravel materials are not the same, this requires us to choose a suitable equipment for the preparation of the sand production line. We must make reasonable selection based on the hardness, humidity, and stickiness of different materials. take.
For the treatment of gravel and gravel with high hardness such as granite, it is recommended to use the combination of splitting + crushing + sand making machine; for the vulnerable gravel materials such as limestone, shale, etc., it is recommended to select the breakage + Counterattack the combination of broken + sand makers.
3, according to the actual output value needs to be reasonable
Because the expected production value of the sand production line under different assembly methods is not equal, in order not to waste resources, but also to ensure the smooth production of the production line, it is recommended that when the user selects the collocation ratio, it must be based on the actual output value to conduct a reasonable selection take.
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