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Factors Affecting Service Life of Impact Crusher Hammer

time:2018-05-10 09:48:34

 The impact hammer of the impact crusher rotates with the rotor at a high speed, hits the material being crushed, and impacts and grinds the material. Therefore, it is very easy to wear. The factors affecting the life of the hammer are: the material of the hammer, the quality of the manufactured material, the nature of the material being broken, the peripheral speed of the rotor, the structure of the hammer, and the amount of processing.

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1. The material of the hammer
Currently, plate hammers are mainly made of wear-resistant materials such as high manganese steel and chromium alloy steel. Because the heat treatment process level of the factory is not the same, its mechanical properties are very different, and the life of the plate hammer is also very different.
2. Rotor peripheral speed
In addition to the impact of the hammer material on its life, the following reasons also affect the hammer life of some crushers: Due to the high linear speed of the impact crusher rotor, the rotor is equipped with 3-6 blocks, up to 8-10 blocks. Plate hammer.
The interval between the two hammers before and after is only a few tenths of a second. In such a short period of time, only a few materials can enter the strike area in a single block, and most of the materials, especially the bulk materials, only have one end into the impact area, so the hammer does not hit the center of gravity of the material block, ie the hammer is not Instead of impacting the entire material block to the front, oblique collisions occur.
This not only reduces the crushing effect, but also causes sliding friction between the material and the plate hammer, causing the plate hammer to wear very quickly. In addition, after the counterattack board is affixed with powder, the friction between the board hammer and the powder is more serious, and the board hammer wears more quickly.
In order to reduce the wear of the plate hammer, the number of plate hammers on the rotor should not be too much. The diameter of the rotor should not be too small. The height of the hammer should be increased appropriately, and the powder, soil and moisture in the material should be sieved as much as possible. .
3. Structure and fixing method of board hammer
The structure of the hammer and its fixing method also have an impact on its life. At present, China's counterattack crusher, plate hammers are mostly fixed by countersunk screws. This fixing method has a simple structure and is easy to disassemble and disassemble, and it is not necessary to lift the rotor out of the body during the replacement.
4. Quality of manufacture of hammer
In the manufacturing process, the board hammer must strictly guarantee the accuracy of the weight. The weight difference must not exceed 0.5kg. After the plate hammer is installed on the rotor, a static balance test is performed. When the rotation of the rotor is stopped, it is not allowed to return 1/10 circle at any position.
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