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Is it suitable to use jaw crusher in quarry

time:2018-05-15 09:41:39

 Compared to other types of gravel equipment, jaw crushers should be regarded as a more popular type of gravel machinery. Is it really appropriate to use jaw crushers for quarry operations? The detailed answers are as follows:

jaw crushers

I. List of quarry operation requirements
First of all, quarries are located in sparsely populated mountainous areas with poor working conditions. Therefore, when selecting production equipment, more stringent requirements are needed;
Secondly, the sand and stone excavated and mined by the quarry is not a single kind, so this requires that the selected quarry crushing equipment should have a wide range of edible properties;
Finally, unlike the production of other small gravel plants, the daily operation of the quarry is relatively large. Therefore, the use of quarrying equipment must be safe, reliable, and solid and durable.
2 .quarry operations use jaw crusher really suitable?
From the aspect of work efficiency, the expected output value of a large jaw crusher can be as high as 2200t/h. In addition, the improved design of the “V” deep cavity can not only improve the feeding capacity of the equipment, but also increase the capacity indirectly. The working efficiency of broken equipment, so in terms of output value alone, quarry operations using jaw crusher is very appropriate;
from the perspective of applicable scope: jaw crusher can be applied to the coarse, medium and fine fragments of various ores and rocks with compressive strength not exceeding 250MPa, such as: river pebbles, granite, sedimentary rock, marble, etc., and After processing, the sand and gravel materials have uniform particle size and better sales, so from this perspective, it is more appropriate to use jaw crushers for quarry operations.
 from the aspect of safety and reliability: jaw crusher respected the use of non-welded dismantling rack structure, this not only overcomes the problem of the welding rack is easy to produce lack of force, and it is more solid and reliable to use, so from this aspect From the point of view, jaw crushers are also suitable for quarry operations.
from the equipment cost-effective aspects: Jaw crusher simple structure, and solid and reliable, maintenance and repair is also relatively simple, in addition, its production and construction costs are relatively small, so compared to other quarry crushing equipment, Crusher is a good choice.


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