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How to reduce the noise of vibrating screen

time:2018-05-18 10:15:22

1Change the sieve material of the vibrating screen
At present, steel screens are generally used, which have large noise and weak wear resistance. Due to the small elastic modulus of polyurethane or rubber and low impact noise, polyurethane sieve plates or rubber sieve plates can be used instead of steel sieve plates to effectively suppress the high frequency vibration of the sieve plates, reduce the radiation noise of the plates, and finally play a role in buffering and reducing noise. .
In addition, the screens should be checked regularly and all parts of the screens must be fastened (especially screens that need to be replaced frequently) to avoid additional vibrations due to loose individual parts.
vibrating screen
2 improved vibrating screen side plate structure
In order to reduce sideboard noise, flexible spoke gears can be used instead of steel gears. Because the ring gear and the hub of the flexible gear are integrated, the rubber elastic body can be used to transmit the torque, thereby absorbing the vibration caused by the gear meshing in and out, and ultimately achieving the purpose of reducing noise.
3 improved vibrating screen shaker structure
In order to reduce the exciter noise, an isolation ring is installed between the exciter bearing and the base to convert the original steel connection into an elastic connection, which can reduce the vibration of the bearing and the machine body, and cut off the transmission of the high-frequency excitation force. This has its own damping effect, which can fundamentally suppress the vibration of the exciter.
4 Improved Vibration Isolation Spring
First, a rubber spring can be used instead of a metal coil spring on a vibrating screen, because rubber is a kind of polymer elastic material, and its low elastic modulus can effectively reduce the impact and reduce the vibration energy, thereby reducing noise radiation.
In addition, a horizontal plate is added to connect with two vibration isolation springs, namely, the single spring support is changed to double spring support, and the purpose of vibration isolation and buffering is achieved by increasing the contact area, thereby obtaining the effect of noise reduction.
5 change the screen structure of the vibrating screen
The single-layer screen structure of the vibrating screen will be changed to the upper and lower screen structures, and the opening rate of the vibrating screen will be changed at the same time, that is, the opening rate of the upper layer of the screen will be increased, the opening rate of the lower layer of the screen will be reduced, and the material flow will be accelerated. The vibration of the shaker can be reduced to reduce noise.
6 Adjust the amplitude and frequency of the vibrating screen
The amplitude and frequency of the vibrating screen are appropriate to determine whether the material can be effectively screened. When sufficient acceleration is not obtained, fine-grained materials tend to stick to the screen, which reduces screening efficiency and improves noise radiation. Therefore, appropriate amplitude and frequency should be adjusted to reduce noise radiation.
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