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About jaw crusher material introduction

time:2018-05-28 09:03:05

 The upper jaw of the jaw crusher is connected with the eccentric shaft, and the lower part is supported by the thrust plate, while the fixed jaw is fixed on the frame. When the eccentric shaft rotates, the dynamic jaw plate mainly bears the material extrusion effect, while the fixed jaw plate mainly bears the sliding cutting action of the material. As a jaw crusher with a high wear rate, the choice of material for the jaws relates to the cost and effectiveness of the user.

Jaw crusher board material selection suggestions
Jaw crusher
The selection of the material of the seesaw ideally satisfies the requirements of high hardness and high toughness, but the toughness and hardness of the material are often contradictory. Therefore, in the actual material selection, it is necessary to fully understand the conditions of working conditions.
1. Impact load is one of the important factors that should be taken into consideration when selecting materials reasonably.
The larger the specification, the heavier the wearable parts, and the greater the fragmentation of the broken material, the greater the impact load. At this point, modified or dispersion-strengthened high-manganese steel can still be the object of selection.
For small and medium-sized crushers, the impact load on the easy-to-wear parts is not large, and it is difficult to fully harden them by using high-manganese steel. Under this working condition, the use of medium-carbon low-alloy steel or high-chromium cast iron low-alloy steel composite materials can achieve good technical and economic benefits.
2, the composition of the material and its hardness is also a reasonable selection of factors can not be ignored.
In general, the higher the hardness of the material, the higher the hardness requirement for the material of the wearable parts. Therefore, if the toughness requirements are met, a high hardness material should be used as much as possible.
3, reasonable selection of materials should also consider the wear parts of the wear mechanism.
If the cutting wear is the main factor, then the hardness should be considered first when selecting materials; if the plastic wear is the main factor or the fatigue wear is the main factor, the plasticity and toughness should be considered first when selecting materials. Of course, when selecting materials, it is also necessary to consider the rationality of the process and make it easy to organize production and quality control.
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