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How to solve the high oil temperature in Symons cone crusher

time:2018-05-30 09:27:56

Symons cone crusher is one of the more common ones because of its high oil temperature and rapid temperature rise. The recommended temperature alarm setting for general equipment manufacturers is 60°C. Since the operating conditions of each equipment are different, the alarm value is determined according to the actual situation. In winter and summer, due to the large difference in ambient temperature, the alarm value should be adjusted accordingly. The setting method is: when the crusher is in normal operation, the oil return temperature should be observed and recorded for several days. Once the temperature is stable, the stability is stable. Temperature plus 6 °C is the alarm temperature value.

Symons cone crusher according to the site environment and operating conditions, the normal oil temperature should be maintained at 38-55 °C, the best operating temperature in the range of 38-46 °C, if the temperature is too high and continuous operation, to a certain extent will cause Crusher burns broken shaft and other equipment accidents.
In actual production, there are many reasons for the rising temperature of Symons cone-broken lubricating oil, as follows: The return oil pipe is blocked, resulting in poor circulation of lubricant, less oil return, and high oil temperature. Check whether the return pipe is unblocked, clear the return pipe, and eliminate the factors that affect the high oil temperature.
Check the contact between the bowl-shaped tile surface and the spindle body and find that the spherical tile has a large contact area and the contact is not good. Analysis of reason: Due to the long service life of the spindle body, the spherical outer surface of the spindle body has been seriously worn, and it has been ground to the lower surface of the non-contact surface of the lower spherical surface, resulting in non-contact ball grinding of the inner surface of the body and contact with the bowl-shaped tile, and the oil temperature rises.
Symons cone crusher
Treatment measures: Replace the main shaft and scrape the bowl-shaped tile; process the inner edge of the bowl-shaped tile to ensure that it is not in contact with the inner edge of the main shaft and scrape the bowl-shaped tile.
Check the contact between the eccentric sleeve and the spindle and found that the contact between the two is not good, and there is a crack phenomenon in the upper part of the eccentric copper sleeve, which is one of the reasons for the temperature rise of the lubricant. Analysis of the reason: The eccentric shaft is not well matched with the thrust bearing, resulting in a change in the trajectory of the eccentric shaft and thus poor contact with the main shaft. Treatment measures: Grind the contact surface of the copper sleeve, and drill the end of the crack at the crack to avoid crack growth.
Check the contact between the eccentric shaft and the copper bushing of the rack, and lift the eccentric shaft, and find that the contact surface of the copper bushing of the rack is not in good contact, there is a burning tile phenomenon, and there is a crack on the upper edge of the frame sleeve, and the alloy block of the copper sleeve is loosened. The lower end of the eccentric shaft and the upper end of the upper thrust bearing wear.
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