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Sand Maker Adjustability During Operation

time:2018-06-05 09:53:32

Do not know how much everyone knows about the adjustable sand making machine. In fact, the adjustable type refers to the sand making equipment that can easily adjust the required fine crushing degree, large crushing ratio, and is convenient for maintenance to meet the mine operation production requirements.


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In the sand making operation, the sand making equipment is often divided into coarse, medium, and finely divided according to the size of the feed material and the size of the discharge material. If only for a single sand making equipment then there will be a lot of limitations, which is a waste of resources, so there is also the emergence of adjustable sand making machine. What are the adjustable sand making equipments?
The commonly used sand making machines include vsi sand making machines, impact crushers, plate hammer sand making machines, roll crushers, hammer sand making machines and cobblestone sand making machines. For example, Jaw Crusher to meet the requirements of different size of the discharge material and compensation for the wear of jaw plate, an additional discharge adjusting device is usually added between the bracket and the rear frame to adjust the gasket or wedge iron. However, in order to avoid the impact of production due to the replacement of broken parts, hydraulic devices can also be used to achieve insurance and adjustment. Some jaw crushers also use hydraulic transmission directly to drive the moving jaw plate to complete the sand making action of the material. These two types of Jaw Crusher with hydraulic transmission are often referred to as hydraulic E-sanding machines.
Sand feeding equipment is generally large, such as the maximum 1200mm vsi sand machine, hammer sand machine can feed 400mm and so on. After the equipment has undergone various improvements, the O-breaker has deepened the feeding size of the sand making cavity. The hammer has also been changed in the overall design. For example, the deep cavity break, the European version break, and the heavy hammer break is above. Two types of sand making machine improved equipment.
New technology + innovation, the size of discharged particles can be adjusted, simplifying the sand making process, reducing investment in sand making equipment by 40%, output by 35%, saving 40%, and occupying 50% of floor space. It is easier to use with other mining machinery and equipment, sand production line, stone production line, sand and stone material production line, milling production line, mineral processing production line and so on. All kinds of production lines, with more reasonable, more optimized production capacity, to achieve cost and profit of the double excellent.
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