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How to solve the mixing situation of vibrating screen?

time:2018-06-08 11:11:14

Check the vibrating screen frame and the screen body for sealing. The screen frame and the screen body of the vibrating screen are sealed in the middle to seal the material. The commonly used seal material is natural rubber and silica gel. The vibrating screen will deform or break after a period of use. Zhongxin Heavy Industry recommends that users should regularly check the condition of the sealing strip when using the vibrating screen, and replace it if it appears damaged.

vibrating screen
Causes of broken screens. The screen of the vibrating screen is a wearing part, and the abrasion of the different screening materials on the screen is not the same. In the continuous operation of the screening machine, the load on the screen is quite large, which will cause the screen to be damaged, and timely replacement should be found in the production process. To ensure the quality of screening materials.
The trajectory of the material on the screen surface causes the complete grading of small and large particles. Usually this is the problem of the angle of the vibration motor. Generally, the angle of the motor is adjusted to 65 degrees when the shaker is shipped from the factory. In use, the angle of the motor can be adjusted according to the screening condition of the material. In order to change the material on the screen surface of the track. To improve the screening accuracy.
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