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Advantages of single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

time:2018-06-13 14:08:09

Compared with the spring cone crusher, the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has obvious advantages:

1. Because of hydraulic adjustment and hydraulic protection, the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher omits the complicated adjustment ring, support ring and spring components of the spring model, and the equipment structure is simplified and the weight is light.

2. By changing the eccentric bushing method, the eccentricity can be changed to meet the requirements of different materials.

3. Because the movable cone spindle adopts the simple support structure, the eccentric angle of the movable cone is small, which is generally equivalent to only 1/2 of the spring machine, so the crush cone is relatively steep and the crushing cavity is long, thereby improving the uniformity of the crushing ore. .

4, adjust the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher discharge port only need to operate the hydraulic system control valve to complete the adjustment process, such as encountered iron stuck, simply by operating the hydraulic valve, control the cone on the decline can be ruled out , Reduce the labor intensity and technical difficulty of operating workers.

5, the use of sealed cylinder structure dust, more reliable than the spring water seal, the latter addition to the supply and drainage issues, there are also mixed oil and water, causing poor lubrication failure.

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