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Impact crusher for limestone crushing line

time:2018-06-27 10:23:58

Limestone is the main raw material for the production of cement, lime and calcium carbide. The lime production process requires crushing, pre-homogenization, storage, batching, and grinding. How to comprehensively consider the impact factors of crushing, the chemical properties of limestone, the capital budget, and the company's own conditions, it is extremely important to select the most suitable limestone crushing production line with the highest production efficiency and the lowest investment cost.


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The physical properties of limestone are a kind of material with less hardness and brittleness, so the impact crusher is the first choice for limestone processing. At the same time, the impact crusher is also the main crusher of the limestone crushing production line.
The limestone crusher has a significant crushing feature: the crushing chamber can receive large pieces of material and crush it without compacting the material and overloading the crusher; the material can freely pass through during the squeezing interval and the processing capacity is large; Under the premise of output grain size and throughput, the minimum power and liner consumption are ensured; the material size is uniform and the processing capacity is large.
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