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How to solve the jam problem with vibrating feeder

time:2018-06-29 09:50:12

Vibrating feeders are generally made of stainless steel welded mesh screens, but the size of their screen seams can only reach 0.25mm, and the screen surface has a low open rate. Therefore, when dealing with large moisture and sticky materials, the screen plugging phenomenon is likely to occur. Dehydration effect.


Vibrating feeders

The newly developed laminated composite screen is composed of stainless steel meshes with different mesh sizes, and the perimeter is made of polyurethane rubber to form the first mesh with the smallest mesh, which is called the main mesh; the second layer The pore size of sieve 1 is larger than that of the first layer sieve, which is called anti-blocking sieve; the strength of the third layer sieve is as large as possible and the diameter of the steel wire is as small as possible to increase the opening rate of the sieve. The hole opening rate can reach 40%, and supports the first and second floor screens, so as to maintain sufficient strength and rigidity, and to prevent the collapse of the first and second floor screens due to the excessively large diameter of the steel wires. Affect the screen life.
Because the screen diameter of each screen is different, the screen will not be deformed after being forced to stretch. In addition to the composite screen vibrating along with the screen, there is relative movement between each screen, that is, the screen surface. The relative misalignment motion between the upper and lower tapping movements and the transverse direction, which facilitates the passage of fine materials through the screen holes and prevents clogging, has the effect that a single screen does not have, that is, prompts the fine-grained materials to pass through the screen quickly and automatically. Cleaning the sieves has a special significance for slime recovery and grading of fine-grained materials.
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