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What are the precautions for the installation of the sand making machine?

Author: zhongxin Time:2018-07-16

  The sand making machine is a kind of equipment for crushing and shaping stone materials. The artificial sand stone produced by a good sand making machine has much better natural quality, so the sand making machine plays a major role in the preparation of sand and gravel materials. Because of the importance of the sand making machine in the production line, we need to improve and implement the precautions in the installation process of each sand making machine, otherwise it will affect the production process of the whole artificial sand, the sand making products do not meet the requirements, and It may be that the pre-installation work is not done well, and the construction personnel and the sand making machine equipment will cause a certain degree of damage in the later stage.

  The site where thesand making machineis installed should pay special attention. Under normal circumstances, the site where the sand making machine is installed will have different proper measures according to the working environment. The installation site will be selected in the open air or in the factory building. No matter where it is installed, it must be sanded. Adequate space is reserved above and around the machine for easy maintenance and lifting of later production.

  After installation, it is also necessary to pay attention to the comprehensive and detailed inspection of the looseness of the parts of the sand making machine. It is also necessary to run the direction of rotation of the motor to determine whether the running direction and the direction of the sand making machine are consistent. If there is a deviation, the motor must be replaced. The thread head is changed to meet the operation requirements of the sand making machine. Before the sand making machine is operated, it should be carefully checked to see if the lubricating oil pipe is properly connected. The lubrication system is very important for the sand making machine. If necessary, the lubricating oil can be replaced once.


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