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Which crusher to choose for processing granite

Author: Time:2019-08-08
Granite is a common rock. It is a mineral rich in minerals. Because of its high hardness and good wear resistance, it is commonly used in building decoration materials. In addition, it can be used in the commercial field, and its commercial value is very high. With its characteristics of hardness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, the color can be maintained for more than 100 years, and it is a high-end material in the construction field. So which crusher is better for crushing granite?

Here, the cone crusher is recommended as a granite crushing device, especially when it is subjected to secondary crushing on a granite crushing line. When using a cone crusher for crushing, you will find that it is really suitable for production. Its advantage is really not found in other machines. It depends mainly on its crushing characteristics, and it has the following crushing advantages:

1. Firstly, the cone crusher is to crush the material by extrusion, and the loss of the wear-resistant parts of the equipment is relatively low;

2. Secondly, the cone crusher is less than the traditional crushing equipment such as breaking, counter-breaking, etc., and the wearing parts are much less;

3. In the end, although the price of the cone is relatively expensive, the maintenance in the later stage is relatively simple, which saves the later cost and saves time.

It is not difficult to find that it is very suitable to use a cone crusher to process granite. However, for some special production needs, such as: the size of the finished product does not require too much, the user with limited investment budget, in fact, the choice of jaw crusher or impact crusher is also possible, as to how to choose, it depends on you Where is the focus of demand?

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