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How to prevent corrosion of crusher parts

Author: Time:2019-08-14
During the use of the crusher parts, the metal surface is also subjected to friction or impact while being subjected to the chemical and electrochemical effects of the surrounding medium. These effects cause the damage of the equipment parts to be called corrosion wear.

The corrosion and wear of the crusher parts brings great harm to the crusher equipment. The damage to the equipment parts is quite serious. Every year, a large amount of metal is scrapped due to corrosion and wear, causing huge losses. Corrosion and wear hazards are not only the loss of parts, but also the damage to the structure of the crusher equipment. In the production, waste and equipment accidents occur, which sometimes limits the possibility of adopting new processes and new equipment. Therefore, it is economically meaningful to study corrosion wear and prevent corrosion and wear.

The corrosion wear of metal is divided into two forms according to the principle of corrosion; one is electrochemical corrosion, which is due to the action of electrolyte, local current is generated; the second is chemical corrosion, which is caused by dry gas or non-conductive liquid medium. the result of. The metal damage caused by electrochemical corrosion is faster, and the severe damage caused by corrosion and wear is mostly caused by electrochemical corrosion. The chemical corrosion rate of metal is slower.

In order to prevent corrosion and wear, various new processes and methods have appeared in recent years, such as the use of corrosion-resistant alloys, stainless steel, etc. as materials for manufacturing parts, and the use of carbon-based products as corrosion-resistant materials is more effective. From an economic and technical point of view, it is often used to add a gold or non-metallic protective layer to the surface of the part, such as zinc, chromium, nickel, tin, copper, aluminum, lead by hot dip, electroplating or metal spraying. The metal material is replenished on the metal surface or coated with paint (paint, varnish, mineral oil, petroleum jelly, paraffin solution, etc.) on the surface of the part as an anti-corrosion layer.

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