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How to improve the output of the cone crusher

Author: Time:2019-08-20
Cone crusher is one of the most popular medium and fine crushing equipment, suitable for crushing all kinds of medium and hard materials. However, many users find that sometimes even at full capacity, the cone crusher capacity is not high enough to achieve the desired production state. This article shares several tips for improving the output of the cone crusher and hopes to help you.

1, try to continue "full cavity" operation
If a cone crusher is "satiated" when it is "starved" due to factors such as unstable feeding, the product size and product rate will fluctuate. The cone of the half-cavity operation is broken, and its products are not ideal in terms of gradation and needle shape.

Recommendation: Sand and gravel manufacturers try to ensure that the cone crusher is fully operated, and do not overfeed to obtain better throughput and grain size.

2. Feeding point needs to be aligned with the center point of the cone crusher inlet
It is recommended to use a vertical baffle to guide the feed drop point at the center of the cone feed inlet. Once the drop point is eccentric, one side of the crushing chamber is full and the other side has no material or less material, which will result in lower crusher throughput, increased needle-shaped products, and large product particle size.

Improper operation: Once this happens, the operator tends to reduce the parameters of the tight side discharge port and try to make the cone crusher produce the product of the target particle size. However, it is easy to cause overload and adjust the ring jump on the side of the feed. Such problems, in the long run, will cause problems such as tilting, tilting, and damage to the adjusting ring, resulting in greater production losses.

3, to ensure uniform feeding
When feeding, it is necessary to avoid the large-size stone material concentrated on one side, and the small-size stone material concentrated on the other side to ensure uniform mixing of the stone material.
Impact: Once the feeding is uneven, due to the abnormal increase in bulk density, the concentrated side of the small-sized stone material is prone to compaction and blockage, causing the adjustment ring to jump. In the face of the adjustment ring jump caused by the blocking material, the operation operator will be forced to increase the discharge port parameters, resulting in an increase in the particle size of the product. In the long run, problems such as damage to the adjustment ring will also occur, resulting in greater production losses.

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