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What causes the change in the discharge size of the cone crusher?

Author: Time:2019-08-29
The material discharge type is good enough to bring more benefits to the enterprise. The cone crusher adopts the laminating crushing principle, and the discharge grain type is loved by the sand and gravel market, which also brings huge benefits to many enterprises. At the time, some customers reported that the discharge granularity of their equipment has changed. Let us analyze the reasons.

1. The matching clearance of the eccentric component of the conical device, the size of the discharge opening to be smaller than the size of the gap will cause the moving cone liner and the fixed cone liner to collide with each other, resulting in wear of the equipment components. In practice, the theoretical minimum discharge opening of the crushing device and the size of the actually adjustable discharge opening are somewhat different, because the wear of the component causes the eccentric component to be too large or improperly installed.

2. The running condition of the cone-breaking moving cone will also affect the discharge granularity. When the moving cone is unstable, the proportion of the needle-shaped material in the crushed material is large, and the size of the discharged material is different in size and shape.

3. The shape of the cone crusher liner will also affect the discharge size. The shape of the lining plate can be adjusted according to the physical properties and production requirements of the crushed material. The crusher manufacturer should summarize the experience in the production practice and produce a reasonable shape of the lining to improve the discharge quality of the equipment.

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