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How to complete the adjustment of the discharge port of the spring cone crusher, passing iron and cl

Author: Time:2019-12-06
Cone crusher is a commonly used crushing equipment in mine production. We know that cone breaking is divided into spring cone breaking and hydraulic cone breaking. In its production process, how does the spring cone break complete the discharge opening adjustment, iron crossing and cavity cleaning?

1.Adjustment of discharge opening
The adjustment of the spring-cone breaking and discharging port is performed by rotating the adjusting ring, and the adjusting ring connected with the support ring is used to lift and lower the adjusting ring, thereby driving the wall of the mortar installed inside the adjusting ring to move up and down to adjust the discharging port.

2. Cross the iron and clear the cavity
When a foreign object (such as an iron block) passes through the crushing cavity, the compression amount of the spring increases to reduce the pressure of the spring on the clamped material in the crushing cavity, and then the material in the crushing cavity can fall down without restriction. If the crusher is stopped under load, the crushing cavity must be completely cleaned before restarting the crusher. Starting the crusher while the crushing cavity is full of ore will cause double damage to the crusher and the motor.

3. How to clear the cavity:
After connecting the hydraulic station to the crusher, start the hydraulic station. When the pressure of the hydraulic station reaches 56MPa or 63MPa, the cavity lifting jack raises the support sleeve to reduce the pressure of the spring on the clamping material in the crushing cavity. Unconstrained fall; when the crusher body is unconstrained and there is no material in the crushing cavity, the hydraulic station is depressurized, thereby releasing the jack pressure and returning the support sleeve to the supporting surface on the rack.

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