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Causes of Damage to Motor of vertical shaft impact crusher

Author: Time:2018-07-24
Sand making machine motor can easily be burned, which will lead to the entire production line downtime, causing losses to the enterprise. Sand making machine motor burn out the main reasons are the following: 1. Motor heating pipe conductive wire burned. 2. Motor heating tube burned out. 3. Sand machine equipment motor fan reversal. Reasonable prevention and correct operation Sand making machine is the key to prevent the motor from overheating.

Motor is important for the sand making machine, in order to not burn the motor, it is necessary in the daily production process to do preventive work. The first is the purchase of qualified electrical products, as well as in the usual focus on its conservation, cleaning and lubrication work should be done, so the motor life will be extended, the sand machine productivity will be greatly improved.

Production process, we have the sand making machine motor temperature must have a strict control. When the sand making machine is running, it is necessary to check the temperature of the motor regularly. The temperature of the motor can not exceed the specified range. If the temperature of the motor of the sand making machine is too high, it will greatly reduce the working efficiency of the equipment. Effect and finished product quality.

According to the weather to be properly controlled sand equipment operating time. Some sand and gravel manufacturers in order to increase the production capacity of the sand making machine for continuous production, due to the weather drying equipment for too long may lead to clicks burned out, sand making machine motor burned, can not be recovered, and will Resulting in the collapse of the sand production line, if we have a backup store, can be put into production immediately.

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