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Primary crusher preferred jaw crusher

Author: Time:2018-07-24
Jaw crusher is an indispensable equipment for sand and gravel material production line. Jaw crusher is currently the most widely used crusher, with a crushing ratio, finished particle size uniformity, low operating cost, simple structure, easy maintenance, sub-broken and fine broken two crushing compressive strength of 350 trillion The following materials.

For the stone processing and more to the jaw broken cone-based, because these two devices a wide range of materials broken, mostly in the hardness of the main, other crushing equipment can not complete this crushing strength, and material hardness and compression resistance is proportional to , The greater the hardness the greater the compressive strength, so the compressive, bending strong material stone production non-jaw crusher, cone breaking none other.

Sand production line can be seen, regardless of the back-end crushing, sand equipment, how to choose the front section of a broken preferred are jaw broken, if the road construction is inseparable from the crusher jaw crusher production is not an exaggeration.

The same specifications of the jaw crusher due to different designs, which allow the feed size is not the same, large-size crusher teeth deep 60-100mm, while some products allow the feed size is often 50-80mm. Jaw crusher discharge port can be adjusted, different discharge port corresponding to different processing power. Therefore, when comparing the processing capacity, should determine the discharge port the same size.

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