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Spring cone crusher when the work of the problems

Author: Time:2018-07-24
Spring cone crusher is undoubtedly the most watched. Because of its large crushing force, high efficiency, high capacity, low operating costs, easy adjustment, the use of economic advantages, are widely used in the mining plant in the crushing system.

Cone crusher with space swinging cone and eccentric shaft of the two important moving parts. The axis of the broken cone intersects the centerline of the body at the center of the spherical bearing. Crusher operation, the broken cone axis of the eccentric sleeve rotation in the traction, the body around the centerline for the conical surface movement. At the same time, the crushing cone in its own and the gravity of the spindle under the action of friction, around its own axis relative rotation, the center of its movement in the process of crushing cone always remain stationary. Thus we can see. The rotating motion of the broken cone consists of traction motion and relative motion. The absolute rotation of the crushing cone can promote the particle size uniformity of the broken product and reduce the wear of the lining plate. But the absolute rotation of the rotation should not be too high, generally not more than 15 r / min, otherwise. Will destroy the normal operation of crusher, resulting in speed.

As the bushing and the body using zinc alloy fixed way, due to insufficient strength of zinc alloy in the work for some time after crushing, lost fixed role, there are some small ore into the meantime, undermine its coordination, and some into the lubricants , Causing the liner to nap, heat, shrink and shift. When the bushing up a certain distance, with the large gear to form a certain pressure with the friction. Friction heat rose sharply. Resulting in incineration accident. The solution is: First, the outer diameter of the bushing and the body with the interference fit, especially the upper end of the bushing. Second, change the original fixation, the use of key fixed, both to prevent the rotation of the bush, but also prevented the bushing on the move, the third, the use of nylon sets of better results.

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