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How to prevent oil leakage from cone crusher

Author: zhongxin Time:2018-07-16

  Ensure that the cone crusher equipment is well sealed1. The design of the sealing structure is related to the sealing effect and the life of the sealing ring. The sealing effect of the O-ring is determined by the correctness of the mounting groove size. The sealing ring installation groove is too deep, the compression amount of the sealing ring is not enough, and the sealing effect is not obtained. Therefore, the sealing structure should be reasonably designed and processed to ensure the sealing performance of the sealing device is good.

  2. Install the sealing ring correctly to ensure the equipment is sealed well. Do not install the seal with an angled tool to prevent scratching the seal and avoid stretching it to a deformed position. Lubricate the seal ring properly for installation.

  Inspection in the production ofcone crusher

  1. Regularly check whether the filter is blocked or damaged, and replace the oil circuit that has been kinked to ensure the smoothness of the return line. At the same time, attention should be paid to cleaning the ventilating cover on the side of the drive shaft frame of the cone crusher, and purging the long core hole of the ventilating cover on the drive shaft frame with compressed air.

  2. Check whether the gap between the inner wall of the oil pool of the main engine seat and the oil retaining ring on the counterweight is reasonable, and prevent the oil splashing between the oil splashing into each other to form an oil seal, which causes the cone crusher to leak oil.

  Do not raise the temperature of the lubricating oil

  The increase in the temperature of the lubricating oil tends to lower the viscosity of the oil, and the sealing member accelerates aging, causing serious oil leakage. Therefore, we should prohibit the temperature rise of the lubricating oil. By increasing the heat dissipation area of ​​the fuel tank, the heat dissipation effect of the fuel tank can be improved. If necessary, a cooler can be added to reduce the temperature of the lubricating oil.


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