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The jaw crusher has a sudden solution when working

Author: Time:2018-09-13
The jaw crusher will have an unexpected situation during the work. If the cause is not found in time and the repair will have a great impact on the whole production. Zhongxin Heavy Industry explained the reasons and solutions for the sudden shutdown of the jaw crusher.

1. The jaw crusher equipment is subjected to a huge impact force during work, which will cause the fuselage to loosen and affect the normal crushing operation. For example, in the jaw crusher, there is an eccentric shaft device. When the bushing of the fixed eccentric shaft device is loose, the eccentric shaft is stuck, and the jaw crusher cannot work. Therefore, always check the internal parts of the fuselage for signs of looseness, if necessary, tighten in time.

2. The power of the jaw crusher is driven by the transmission belt. When the belt is loose, the material will be broken. When the belt is too tight, it will break easily and will affect the normal work. Therefore, check the tightness of the belt before starting the machine. is it suitable.

3. When using the jaw crusher equipment, some customers will continue to add materials in order to catch up with the output. This will cause the jaw crusher to work overload, which will easily cause the inlet or crushing chamber to become clogged, and the phenomenon of the card machine will appear. In severe cases, the bracket will be broken. Therefore, it is necessary to add evenly when adding materials, and it is not too urgent to ensure the normal production of the jaw crusher.

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