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Causes uneven discharge of the cone crusher

Author: Time:2018-10-12
The cone crusher is popular with high production capacity, stable operation and good crushing performance, but sometimes there will be uneven discharge, which will not only reduce the production efficiency of the cone crusher, but also affect the grain size of the product. Let us analyze the reasons for the uneven discharge of the cone crusher.

1. The material size is too large and too hard.
When there is material with excessive or excessive particle size in the crushing chamber, the particle size of the crushing chamber of the cone crusher will be segregated seriously, and the input material cannot be completely broken, resulting in uneven discharge.

2. The material contains too much water.
When the excessively watery material enters the crushing cavity of the cone crusher, it will stick to each other to cause blockage of the material in the crushing cavity, which reduces the ability of the equipment to break the material, thereby causing uneven discharge.

3. Too much material is fed.
When too much material is put into the crushing chamber, the material is easily blocked in the crushing chamber, occupying a part of the space inside the crushing chamber, so that the material crushing space is reduced, and the particle size of the crushed material may be uneven.

4. The size of the discharge port is not correct.
When the size of the discharge port of the cone crusher is not correct, it is easy to cause the material that has been broken to be discharged, which causes the blockage of the material, affects the crushing of the material, and the blockage of the material is aggravated, resulting in uneven material crushing.

5. The voltage is too low.
When the working voltage of the crushing site is too low, the production conditions cannot be provided for the normal crushing of the cone crusher, and the crushing power is insufficient to cause the particle size of the crushed product to be uneven.

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