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How to choose the bearing of the sand making machine

Author: Time:2018-11-02
The sand making machine is a special ore processing machinery equipment for sand and gravel production. The sand making machine can process the ore into sand and gravel. It is an important ore processing machinery and equipment. For the large ore processing machinery and equipment of sand making machine, sand making The bearing of the machine is a very important part. Here, zhongxin and everyone say that the bearing of the sand making machine needs to pay attention to the problems in the selection process. Only the correct bearing can be selected to ensure the normal operation of the sand making machine.

Zhongxin Heavy Industry Engineer should remind the users to determine the size of the bearing when selecting the sander bearing. The rolling bearing is selected according to the size of the shaft. The larger shaft generally uses roller bearings, and the smaller shaft selects the ball bearings. Moreover, when the bearing of the sand making machine is only subjected to radial load, the deep groove ball bearing, the cylindrical roller bearing or the needle bearing can be selected; when the bearing is subjected to a small pure axial load, the thrust ball can be selected at this time. Bearings; thrust roller bearings should be used when subjected to large pure axial loads; angular contact ball bearings or tapered roller bearings are often used when the bearings are subjected to radial and axial combined loads in the sand making machine.

When selecting a sand making machine, first determine the size of the load on which the bearing is subjected. If the load is relatively large, use a roller bearing. If the bearing load is small or medium load, choose carburized steel or bainite. Quenched bearing; sanding machine is different in the center line of the shaft and the center line of the shaft base, and there is an angle error, or the distance between the two supports of the shaft is large and the rigidity of the shaft is small, and it is easy to be bent or tilted when subjected to force. At this time, the self-aligning ball or spherical roller bearing with good self-aligning performance and the outer ball bearing can be selected.

Bearings in sand making machines have their own range of speeds, and the bearings themselves have their own limit speeds, depending on the type of size and the characteristics of the structure. If the bearing exceeds its own speed, the bearing temperature will rise and the lubricant will not achieve the lubrication effect. In the more serious case, the bearing can be stuck.

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