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Sand washing machine bearing troubleshooting guide

Author: Time:2018-11-20
The sand washer impeller is rotated by the bearing support, and the bearing is therefore a heavy part of the equipment load, and is a component that is easy to wear. The engineers of Zhongxin Heavy Industry introduced the guide for troubleshooting the bearing of the sand washing machine.

 Sand washer bearing failure check
 1. Check the equipment during operation. When the bearing is short of oil, the sound of the bones can be heard during the operation of the equipment. If the sound of the discontinuous "stalk" is heard, the bearing ring may be broken, and when the bearing enters the sand When the debris or the bearing parts are slightly worn, a slight noise will be emitted.

 2. Check the bearing after disassembly. When inspecting the bearing, first check the rolling element of the bearing, the inner and outer steel rings for damage, rust, scars, etc. Then hold the inner ring of the bearing by hand to make the bearing flat, and push the outer steel ring with the other hand. If the bearing is good, the outer steel ring should be in a stable state of rotation, and there is no vibration and obvious stuck in the rotation. After the stop, the outer steel ring is not reversed, and the opposite performance indicates that the bearing can no longer be used. In addition, the outer ring of the bearing is clamped with the left hand, and the inner steel ring is pinched by the right hand, and is pushed hard in all directions. If the feeling is loose when pushing, the wear of the bearing is already serious.

Repair of bearing failure of sand washing machine

In the case of bearing corrosion, the rust on the outer surface of the bearing can be cleaned with No. 00 sandpaper and then placed in gasoline for cleaning. If the bearing has cracks or the inner and outer rings are broken and the bearing is excessively worn, it is recommended to replace the new bearing directly. It should be noted that when replacing the new bearing, the bearing corresponding to the original model should be selected.

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