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How to solve the problem of returning material the jaw crusher

Author: Time:2019-04-25
 The returning phenomenon occurs during the working process of the jaw crusher, which not only reduces the crushing capacity of the jaw crusher, but also affects its production capacity and must be eliminated. When the angle of the slab is enlarged, the smashing machine has a returning phenomenon. On the contrary, if the slab angle is made, the returning phenomenon will not occur.

The jaw crusher solves the problem of returning the material, which is to solve the problem of the angle of the slab.

The specific measures taken are as follows: In the processing and manufacturing of the jaw crusher, the processing and production are strictly in accordance with the drawings, and the slab angle is guaranteed to reach the drawing. Technical requirements for design. According to the situation of materials waiting for the crushing, the user is provided with a crusher of suitable specifications. When the seesaw wears, the returning phenomenon occurs, and the user should be instructed to replace the new seesaw in time. When the material particle size difference is too large, the first screening is carried out, so that the materials with the same basic difference are all broken together; for the material with stricter grain size, the large jaw crusher is used for pre-processing, and then the fine 颚 type is used. The crusher is finished to ensure the processing requirements of the material. When there is a returning phenomenon, and other conditions cannot be changed, a wedge-shaped pad is added at the joint surface of the movable jaw and the movable jaw to reduce the angle of the jaw to satisfy the angle of the deck to eliminate the returning phenomenon.

    The reason why the jaw crusher has a returning phenomenon during work is mainly the angle between the two jaws, which is too large for the friction between the material and the jaw, so that there is not enough between the jaw and the material. Due to the large friction force, the jaw crusher should not cause the returning of the material. The angle of the jaws must be selected, and a series of measures such as selecting materials, styling, structurally ensuring or reducing the angle of the slab can be adopted to eliminate The purpose of the return phenomenon.

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