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  • Vibration feeder simple structure feeding evenly


    The vibrating feeder has the advantages of simple structure, stable vibration, uniform feeding, good continuous performance and adjustable exciting force. It can change and control the flow at any time and easy to operate. The eccentric block is excitation source, low noise, low power consumption and good regulating performance. , No red material phenomenon.
  • The jaw crusher has a sudden solution when working


    The jaw crusher will have an unexpected situation during the work. If the cause is not found in time and the repair will have a great impact on the whole production. Zhongxin Heavy Industry explained the reasons and solutions for the sudden shutdown of the jaw crusher.
  • Matters sand washing machine needs attention


    Sand washing machine is widely used in gravel pits, mining, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, concrete mixing stations and other industries in the washing of the material.
  • Routine maintenance of river gravel Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher


    Note lubrication equipment, since the adhesive wear between river gravel vertical shaft impact crusher making machine parts, abrasive wear, surface fatigue wear and corrosion wear, etc., and lubrication conditions. The oil was added in the lubricant extreme pressure and anti-wear additives, can effectively reduce the surface adhesive wear and fatigue wear.
  • Spring cone crusher wide range and reliable quality


    The cone crusher is currently the most widely used is the spring cone crusher is above medium hardness and tertiary crushing ore segment preferred device, the device has been widely applied to mining, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, can be used in waves, crushing all kinds of rocks, minerals, etc., using a wide range, good technology, reliable quality.
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