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How to deal with these problems with jaw crusher

Author: Time:2019-07-17
Jaw crusher production is getting smaller? At this time, we should observe the feeding condition, see if the feeding is uniform, and whether the discharge port is blocked. Uniform feeding and timely cleaning of the blocked discharge port can effectively prevent the phenomenon of low output.

Does the jaw crusher have abnormal sound during operation? At this time, we should stop and observe whether there are loose parts inside the machine. If it is loose, do reinforcement. Usually, it should also be developed before the start-up inspection, so that there will be no problems and then stop processing, affecting production.

Jaw crusher is not uniform? At this time, we have to check whether the sieve is in good condition and the wear of the hammer. The cause of this phenomenon is basically the two reasons of excessive wear of the hammer and the breakage of the sieve. After finding the specific reason, it is solved accordingly.

When there is a problem with the jaw crusher, we should deal with it in time, pay attention to correct the wrong operation method, learn relevant maintenance knowledge, and do regular inspection and maintenance of the jaw crusher. In this case, we believe that the jaw crusher appears. The problem will also be reduced, and your ability to solve problems will be greatly improved.

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