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how to solve the vibrating screen is always throw the oil

Author: Time:2019-07-19
The vibrating screen is an indispensable equipment in the gravel production line and the sand making production line. The lubrication method is eccentric shaft with oil splash type thin oil lubrication, and oil simmering phenomenon will inevitably occur during use. This article introduces the reasons for vibrating screen sputum oil and summarizes the countermeasures.

1 Vibration source rotation center line produces motion
If the center line of the vibrating source of the circular vibrating screen moves, the airtightness of the vibrator will be seriously damaged. Under the action of the centrifugal force, the phenomenon of continuous oiling will inevitably occur.

2 internal and external pressure difference
The circular vibrating screen generates a large amount of heat during the rotation process, which causes the pressure inside the vibrator to continuously increase. Once the vent hole is blocked, the internal pressure will continuously increase. After reaching a certain level, the vibrator will be caused to a certain extent. Damage, thereby destroying its airtightness and causing oil stagnation.

3 parts are lubricated with thin oil
The lubricating oil used in some circular vibrating screens is a dilute lubricating oil, which causes the oil to be inevitably generated during the operation of the equipment.

4The sealing gland appears loose
The bearing of the circular vibrating screen is mounted in the bearing housing, and the O-ring is mounted on the sealing gland. If the height difference between the end surface of the bearing housing and the bearing end surface is too small, the positioning boss on the sealing gland loses the fixed positioning function, resulting in the sealing gland and the bearing being different, thereby causing the sealing function of the sealing gland to fail.

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