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Analysis of the Causes of Fast Wear of Cone Crusher Motorized Vertebra

Author: Time:2019-08-02
The cone of the cone crusher mainly bears the burden of the broken material. At the same time, because of the long-term overload work, the moving vertebra will also cause certain wear and tear. Some customers have a particularly fast wear of the cone crushing motorized vertebrae, which requires more attention. There are several common situations below.

1. Incoming material does not meet the requirements
The hard material on the site is the main cause of damage to the moving cone. When the material with excessive grain size and excessive hardness enters the cone, it will cause severe wear on the moving cone. Especially when the cone crusher is over-ironed or if other non-crushed materials enter, it will cause serious wear on the moving cone.

2, equipment overload operation
In line with the production policy of breaking more and less grinding, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, many manufacturers will increase the productivity of cone crusher by further reducing the particle size of qualified mines, increasing the amount of ore, etc., resulting in long-term overload operation, which will further increase the moving cone. The burden of the part, the conical head loosened and caused the wear of the gear and the moving cone.

3. Poor contact on the support surface
During the installation of the moving cone, special attention should be paid to the dustproof of the working surfaces such as the eccentric bushing, the spherical tile, the tapered bushing, and the straight bushing of the frame. After installation, the gap between the mating surfaces and the contact area are measured with soft lead to make it comply with the regulations. The moving cone of the cone crusher is supported on the spherical bearing shell of the spherical bearing seat. When the spherical bearing bush wears or there is a quality problem, the moving cone will move down, and the supporting contact surface will not be in good contact, which will cause the moving cone. The friction is exacerbated, causing it to be severely damaged.

4, the dynamic cone is not balanced
When there is non-crushed material entering the machine body in the cone crusher, uneven feeding to the feed port or damage to the locking cylinder of the cone crusher, the moving cone will be subjected to frequent impact loads. Under the long-term effect of heavy load and alternating load, the micro crack gradually expands, and finally the moving cone is damaged.

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