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Cone crusher maintenance is essential

Author: Time:2019-07-31
Cone crusher maintenance is an indispensable step in daily life. Otherwise, long-term use will cause many problems. At this time, it will be repaired after repairing, which not only affects the life of the cone crusher, but also affects your production progress. Jiaozuo Zhongxin introduces you to the specific maintenance items.

1. When the cone crusher is wet or has a large water content, the fixing bolts for fixing the dust seal slip ring should be checked frequently.

2. Frequently clean the dust and debris on the dust seal sleeve and the slip ring. If it is not cleaned in time, the dust seal and the mineral particles bonded on the slip ring will cause friction, which will aggravate the wear of the dust seal and the ore. Entering the body, causing contamination of the lubricating oil and blockage of the filter element, and reducing the service life of the bevel gear, the copper sleeve, the thrust bearing, etc. due to the contamination of the lubricating oil.

3. Regularly check the fixing condition of the slip ring to prevent a large amount of dust and ore from entering the equipment body due to the failure of the dust seal and the slip ring to fall off during the operation of the cone crusher, which may affect the operation of the equipment and even cause serious equipment failure.

4. Clean up the ore accumulated on the beam in time. Otherwise, the bolts of the fixed slip ring will rotate with the moving cone and the accumulated ore will produce movement, which will easily cause the tail of the bolt to wear.

5. Regularly lubricate the top bearing and the horizontal shaft. Pay attention to the lubrication of each part and pay attention to adjusting the protection of the oil pipe.

6. Always check the anchor bolts of each part, adjust the V-belt, check the gap size of the bevel gear, and reduce unnecessary equipment failure.

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